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Welcome to Wonderland

Author Maria Kjos Fonn has written an introductory article in the first chapter of Edge 2. Her aim is for students to understand why it is beneficial to read literature, and to inspire them to do so. She also shares her thoughts on how reading online and on paper are interconnected.

  • Engelsk 1/Engelsk 2 SF

You will find “Teacher’s Guidance” to all learning modules in Edge 2. For example, in Chapter 1: Online and Offline, there is an at-a-glance lesson plan for using the introductory article "Welcome to Wonderland" by Maria Kjos Fonn.

Author: Maria Kjos Fonn

Maria Kjos Fonn (b. 1990) is the author of two novels, one short story collection and one children´s book. She writes regulary for newspapers, as a columinist and essayist.

Teacher Guidance

Introduction to Chapter 1: Online and Offline

"Welcome to Wonderland" by Maria Kjos Fonn.


This introductory article by author Maria Kjos Fonn seeks to give students an insight into how and why reading literature is beneficial. Here she also shares her thoughts on how reading online and on paper are interconnected.

Lesson 1 (90 min)

  • Do First, read introductory article, and then follow up with Content, Structure and Language
  • Share in pairs
  • Share in class

Lesson 2 (90 min)

As a teacher you have four Over to you tasks to choose from, and they will need 90 minutes + to complete.

  1. Task 10. Create a poster of your favorite novel is meant as a creative task for individual students or pairs. Here they use digital tools or pen and paper to create a poster of their favourite novel.
  2. Task 11. Create a wall display campaign to inspire reading might require an extra double lesson, but is designed to have students examine the findings in The Norwegian Media Barometer 2021 by Statistics Norway.
  3. Task 12. Write a persuasive speech to inspire leadership through reading asks students to convince peers of the importance of reading, and how it might help develop leadership skills, perseverance and self-confidence.
  4. Task 13. Discuss how you can inspire each other to read more requires groups of three to discuss the pros and cons of reading more books. Use Talkwall to share discussion points and arguments with the rest of the class.

Further studies:

Film: Alice in Wonderland (Disney, 2010)

Novels by Toni Morrison:

  • The Pieces I Am (2019)
  • Beloved (1998)

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